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Bishop’s rise to Emperor has already begun.

BRONWYN Bishop hopes to use terrorism fears to not only stay on in federal politics but become Emperor of Australia, it has emerged.

Ms Bishop, one of the few fans of the three Star Wars prequels, plans to emulate Chancellor Palatine’s evil rise to Emperor.

“She’s quite cunningly seen similarities between Daesh and the attack of the clones and plans to use the fear generated by this death cult to garner support for an emergency state, with herself as Leader,” national political analyst Reginald Worthington said.

“She is obsessed by the Emperor and has even gone as far as having cosmetic surgery to look like him.”

Ms Bishop’s plan has hit roadblocks – former PM Tony Abbott,  her preferred Darth Vader,  “stabbed her in the back” – but is reportedly only dependant on retaining her seat at the 2016 federal election.

“She has already started plans for a ‘death star’, complete with helipad.”


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