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Look at moi, look at moi!

ONCE-A-YEAR punters who post selfies of 100-1 Melbourne Cup winning tickets are annoying and deserve to have their money stolen, says a regular racegoer.

Tipping expert Shayne Smith said people who back winners by pure chance pissed him off to no end, as did social media users who always took selfies in a puerile attempt at showing off.

“It’s bad enough to see someone win close to a grand just because they liked a horse’s name or the jockey’s colours reminded them of a beach umbrella they saw while holidaying in Bali that time,” he said.

“But then they have the gall to take a selfie of themselves with the winning ticket, just to say ‘look, I won money and you didn’t you poor excuse for a human being’.”

Reginald Worthington, who posted a CCTV still of himself cashing in a $900 barcode he printed off from a photo at Officeworks, said he had already spent the money on cocaine and prostitutes.

“I’ve been waiting 20 years to get back at that cow for dumping me in 7th grade,” he said.



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