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'I'm no leaving until the mini-bar is fully stocked!' Picture: Matthias Ripp
‘I’m not leaving until the mini-bar is fully stocked!’
Picture: Matthias Ripp

MORE than $100 million will be poured into reducing MP waiting times for private jets after an investigation found some have to wait up to 15 minutes to board.

The money will be spent on extra runways, high-speed escalators and tarmac moving walkways, with any extra cash used to stock plane mini-bars for flights coinciding with weekends or boring cabinet meetings the next morning.

“Our state and federal politicians are in high demand as they hold our nation’s most talented, brilliant minds; that’s the reason why you voted for them,” a federal spokesman said.

“Therefore waiting 15 minutes waiting for an $8000 flight isn’t very economical, given an MP could have spent this time devising ways to strengthen the economy, lower taxes and crime and give our children the very best education for free.

“Well, until you have to pay it back.”


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