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‘Practise makes perfect’

LITTLE Carlos Fernández’s family is dirt poor, but the four-year-old Ecuadorian hopes his love of eating whole pineapples will put food on the table.

Carlos plans to eat a large pineapple at the next clash between Primera A football rivals Emelec and River Plate.

He said he hoped it would bring him fame like Australia’s ‘Watermelon Boy’ – a little snot who the digital world went ape-shit over just because he ate a whole piece of fruit at a sporting match.

The Ricaurte Primary School student said he was ready to eat a pineapple, shell and all.

“Papa has been working hard fishing to save money to buy us a toilet, but has bought a 1kg pineapple instead,” Carlos said.

“A pineapple’s core is very hard, and not as sweet as the rest of the pineapple, but it is still very aromatic and nutritious.”

The boy has already received interest from hundreds of Twitter users worldwide.

@World_Updates_Now said they would definitely retweet and use anything with the hashtag #pineappleboy

“Technically, I see it as an internship in case something on the internet actually makes some money,” @World_Updates_Now said.

“That means I can put it on my dole form.”
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