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‘I really want to eat this texta’
Pic credit: Eva Rinaldi

MASTERCHEF Australia’s Matt Preston claims a scandalous photo appearing to show him eating a healthy salad is a disgusting attempt to ruin his dessert-gorging reputation.

The terribly rotund judge said the photo, taken at Melbourne’s Famish’d Salads & Stuff restaurant, had taken its toll on his professional and personal life, with some friends even threatening to disown him.

Preston said scurrilous rumours claiming he had joined a gym – which sparked the viral hashtag #BenchPresston  – were akin to “sticking a fork in to a roast when it’s obviously done’.

“Let’s be serious here, as if I’d eat anything resembling a healthy meal,” Preston said.

“And the only time I have been inside a gym was when I lost my inhibitions after a few shandies and decided to do a little experimenting with a good friend back at university.”






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