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Shannon Bennett today (left) and as Tom in 2007

MASTERCHEF regular Shannon Bennett is in fact Tom from Love My Way, it has emerged.

The celebrity food fingerer has admitted he was Claudia Karvan’s whacked out housemate and comic foil on the not-so long-running hit television drama.

Bennett said astute viewers would remember that, as Tom, he was once a star chef who became a bit too fucked up in the head.

“I tried life as a taxi driver, got smashed at the races and generally spent most of my time injecting drugs into my body and humour into everyone else’s drama-ridden lives,” Bennett said.

“Then one day I pulled my act together, dumped Rose Byrne and married Dee from Neighbours and changed my name from Tom because no one likes chefs who are fucked up on cocaine unless they have huge tits like Nigella Lawson.”

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