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Nothing but zeds.
Picture: Lars Plougmann

NBL is proving a ratings hit for Foxtel as thousands of parents use basketball to get their infants to sleep within seconds.

Dad Shane Smith said his 18-month-old son would only sleep after crying himself into a shivering stupor every night.

But he said the national basketball league, which has set record numbers since debuting on the Pay TV service this week, had the same effect as sinking a triple dose of chloroform into his son’s water bottle.

“We had tried everything – lullabies, quiet time, even watching The English Patient – but nothing seemed to work,” he said.

“Then, the other night, I accidentally switched on the basketball and it was as if someone had shot him in the bottom with a tranquiliser dart.

“Not sure whether it is basketball’s mundane repetitiveness, the inane commentary or the competition’s lack of a soul, but he’s been nodding off within minutes ever since.”

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