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Dear The 7.30 Report,

I have an issue with your show’s blatant bias towards humans.

A glance at your extensive archives proves an overwhelming preference for stories on humans, whether it be their struggle, exploitation or warmongering.

How about giving Australia’s neglected plants and wildlife some prominence? After all, they thrived in this country for millions of years before the evil human invaded and made their life a misery.

I have visited your offices and noticed that although you do employ plants they are given token and menial tasks such as guarding the water cooler or providing respite from the afternoon sun.

Your native wildlife anti-discriminatory hiring policy seems to be non-existent.

How can you continue to blindly support a monstrous species that enjoys nothing more than raping our earth?

How can you give precedence to segments on business, which serves nothing more than allowing people to feed themselves and their families?

One day the Greens will assume power. If you make genuine attempts to rectify this situation beforehand we will spare your staff and family when implementing our population culling and castration policies.


Adam Bandt MP

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