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Hopefully no one notices I’ve subscribed to The Daily Mail, although this pink phone cover is a dead giveaway.

PEOPLE are complaining about being denied access to popular articles they refuse to pay for because they’re “not newsworthy”.

Avid reader Reginald Worthington said: “How dare we be made to pay for news that really no one cares about, even though it has 325 comments and more than 1000 shares?”

“What have news outlets ever done for us? Sure, they have exposed crooks in the past but nowadays the only exposure I see is when Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian get most of their gear off!”

Internet regular Shayne Smith said he might pay for decent content that took time and money to expose corruption and ultimately make everyone’s life better.

“Maybe if these so-called journalists, who get about in attire suggesting they are on at least six-figure salaries, spent more time doing some overtime investigative reporting instead of rewriting press releases or just scratching the surface I might think about paying a small sum,” he said.

“Dishing out quickly-made crap just to save bucks and get hits and therefore more advertising revenue just doesn’t cut it in my book.”

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