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‘I don’t care how much she gets paid. I need a burger before I pass out’
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CLAIMS that Grill’d pays shit wages has stunned the company’s core customer base – hungover Australian men.

Burger aficionado Shane Smith said he couldn’t believe the spotty teenagers who served up easily-assembled sandwiches in accordance with easy-to-follow recipes were not paid very much.

“When I heard that Grill’d were not paying penalty rates to some of their staff and hiring people on a lower training wage, I was stunned,” Mr Smith said in between mouthfuls of the chain’s popular Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger.

“I thought to myself – how is this possible? These people are the backbone of the diet of most single men aged 18-40. Without them we’d starve.

“How can these brave, hangover saving souls be treated so poorly by a company that keeps putting up the price of their chips?”

Fellow burger lover Shayne Smythe said his trust in the company had plummeted to the point he was now questioning whether the burgers were healthy.

“I thought Grill’d charged a whole lot more because it was a better product served in a nicer restaurant by staff who were paid a decent wage,” he mournfully said while deciding whether to get the traditional or panini bun.

“I eat three Mighty Melbourne’s with extra cheese and bacon and large chips a  week and thought my 18kg weight gain was due my poor metabolism.

“I think I’m gonna switch to the low-carb bun.”

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