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Jars are not toilets either, especially when doing a ‘shepherd’s pie’.
Pic credit: Nicolas Marchildon

HIPSTERS have been rendered speechless following the release of a report that reveals drinking coffee from jars is downright ridiculous.

The report, which includes evidence the jars were designed in 2004 for the sole purpose of retailing jam and other such condiments and sauces, has brought the eco-friendly and vehemently left-wing vegan community to a standstill.

Kane ‘Kale’ Lemontree-Bain, of Fitzroy, told The Caught Report he’s “more than shaken up” by the news.

“I genuinely believed that glass jars had always had handles – I thought they were designed that way,” he said gingerly.

“I’ve been drinking coffee from jars for as long as I remember. Heck, I even serve my home-made kombucha that way at home.”

He said affluent hipsters were already exploring the possibility of serving coffee in chia seed pods as they were deemed “more Paleo and eco-friendly”.

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