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'Who can we give next year's first-round pick to?'
‘Who can we give next year’s first-round pick to?’

AFL critics have labelled Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley a “genius” for cleverly avoiding tanking claims against his club by trading its future first round draft pick.

Buckley, affectionately known around the club as Figjam, has been lauded for giving away this year’s first-round pick to GWS for Adam Treloar.

Former club captain Tony Shaw said Collingwood was the only bottom-eight club that could not be accused of tanking as a result.

“It’s common knowledge that AFL coaches fear accusations of tanking above everything else – I can tell you there’s more soiled underpants down at Windy Hill,  or wherever the fuck Essendon is nowadays,  than at the height of the club’s drug scandal,” Shaw said.

“What Figjam has done to avoid such accusations is genius.”

Ex-Magpie coach Michael Malthouse said the 2004-06 seasons were the worst of his career.

“Not because we went so shit, but people were accusing us of throwing matches for draft picks,” he said.

But GWS, set to play its first ever finals series, told The Caught Report it had sent a spy –  Graeme “Gubby” Allan – to the Magpies to try and “tank from within”.



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