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Skyrocketing drug costs are making relaxed baths a thing of the past.
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A SURGE in the value of popular drugs has hit people living in the city’s west hard, particularly first buyers trying to break into the market, an exclusive Caught Report survey has revealed.

The survey, compiled in partnership with, sampled the cost of buying the typical Australian’s weekly intake of recreational drugs, including ice, cocaine, exys and dope, from dealers across Victoria before comparing it to results from the last survey in 2010.

Statistics revealed drug quality had remained consistent but prices had risen 22 per cent on average, outstripping inflation and adding to the cost of living pressures felt by many families.

The survey showed residents living in the city’s west had been hardest hit, with drugs costing a staggering 37 per cent more on average from reputable vendor Terry and 34 per cent more from dodgy Jason.

Western Suburbs Traders and Vendors Association president Shane Smith attributed the rise on the changing demographics of the area.

“Gentrification is creeping west – no doubt about it,” Mr Smith said.

“Along with the nice cafes are the hipsters who are prepared to pay a few more bucks for the good stuff from Terry, which is making harder for us locals to get our fix.”

But West Residents and Progress Society chairwoman Margaret Riverson said negative gearing was causing friction in the formerly tight-knit community, sparking prices to skyrocket as a result.

“All these blow-ins are not really feeling the vibe of a good needleful of H or a particularly potent pinger,” Mrs Riverson said.

“They become all angry, walking down the street swearing at crow’s fart, driving out the families that have been here for decades, stripping demand, pushing up prices and ruining the area’s renowned laid back culture.

“The price rises are driving people out … I’m probably going to join them; I refuse to hand over my hard-earned Centrelink payment so Jason can rip me off with poor quality shit that costs more than ever.”

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