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‘I really think this building should be demolished too.”

THE Westgate Bridge should be bulldozed to stop car thieves entering the eastern suburbs to commit more crime, says Melbourne’s Lord Mayor.

Robert Doyle said burglaries, thefts and assaults had skyrocketed in the east since the bridge was built four decades ago.

Cr Doyle said he couldn’t see the bridge being around in 20 years, predicting it would be replaced by a maximum security jail with a toll road on top to allow law-abiding easterners to holiday along the Great Ocean Rd.

The bridge is the latest Melbourne structure Cr Doyle has earmarked for the wrecking ball, joining Etihad Stadium, Eureka Tower, Flinders Street station and the MCG.

“There may be hundreds of thousands of cars using the bridge but most of them are coming from the west, probably to break into your house to steal your credit cards and go on a spending spree,” he said.

“In two decades they’ll simply drive straight into jail, saving police resources and allowing us to enjoy our holiday at Torquay safe in the knowledge our homes are secure.”
Picture: Nathan Larkin

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