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‘We’ve been here over an hour and this movie still hasn’t started. It better be bloody good.’

PRE-MOVIE advertising will run longer than most feature films in cinemas within the next four years, it has emerged.

Australian Research Centre statistics show advertisements, film previews and shorts asking patrons to turn off their phones averaged half an hour in 2015, up from 23 minutes the previous year.

Centre director Shayne Smith said future projections revealed pre-film “entertainment” average running times would stretch beyond two hours by 2020.

“We say ‘average’ because the bastards who run cinemas vary the length so people have to show as early as 15 minutes after the scheduled time,” Mr Smith said.

Film buff Lucy Worthington said too many advertisements before a film impacted her energy levels.

“My Sony TRV-900 camcorder has battery life issues, especially as I’m always switching it on and off again because they make you think the movie is about to start several times,” she said.

“The camera has died before the end of the movie several times as a result. It is having a real impact on my pirate DVD business.”


Picture: Leo Hidalgo

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