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carbon tax
Best Christmas ever.
Pic credit: West Midlands Police

A WOMAN living in a violence-riddled relationship says the carbon tax repeal is the best thing that has happened to her.

Sharon Smith, who has endured terrifying abuse for four years, said her life instantly improved when the Federal Government axed the tax earlier this year.

Mrs Smith, who spends half her full-time wage paying for childcare, said her husband stopped beating her for a week after the tax repeal passed the senate.

The 31-year-old said Tony Abbott was “the best Minister for Women in the history of man”.

“It was as though the carbon tax, like some sort of evil devil, had a hold over my husband,” said Mrs Smith, whose financial situation forced her back to work when her youngest child was six weeks old.

“It only worked for a bit, but the days I spent out of hospital gave me more time to do the ironing and, most importantly, the household budget.

“Thanks Tony.”

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