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Royal commission
Some paper company out there is loving this.

CROSSBENCH federal Senator Nick Xenophon has called for a royal commission to look into why so many people are calling for royal commissions.

In recent times there have been royal commissions into serious issues such as bushfire, domestic violence, child abuse and union corruption.

Some blame the influx of royal commissions for the increase in calls for a royal commission into things such as  banks, traffic lights, why glad wrap sticks to everything but the thing you want it to, Islam and why Richmond is doing so shit in the AFL.

Mr Xenophon said the royal commission would probe into the reason why every man, woman and their dogs were barking for a royal commission.

An extensive The Caught Report investigation, initiated after an email from an a whistle-blower identified only as P.Charlie, uncovered 25,000 documents that have since been dubbed The Royal Commission Files.

The extensive paper trail leads to a 90-year-old London woman, who The Caught Report cannot identify for legal reasons, who gains a kickback of up to $2 million for each commission.

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