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The broken plane in the detention hall, where it still lays. Inset: Russ and the plane during happier times

FURORE has erupted in a suburban primary school sandpit after a student snapped a classmate’s remote control plane’s wing in half, alleging it flew into his comfort zone.

The boy, Con Stantinople, said he was happily playing in the sandpit, located just outside the school’s detention hall, when the plane flew in and out from the hall’s window several times about 11.20am today.

Con said he repeatedly warned the students inside the detention hall, which houses some of the school’s most sadistic tyrants, before grabbing the plane and slamming it into the wall.

The plane fell inside the hall, where rebellious children tore the two plastic toy soldiers inside to pieces.

The five-year-old, a former detention hall regular who had seemingly ended his bad ways, blamed the plane’s owner, six-year-old Russ Shan, for failing to adhere to his warnings.

But Russ issued a statement claiming there was ‘no objective evidence’ of a warning before Con lashed out.

Class captain Sep Poville laid the blame on Russ, saying Con had “a right to defend his territory and airspace” but urged against any escalation.

School principal Hugh Manrace told his students to grow the fuck up and play peacefully.


Picture: Pedro Vera. Inset: Ani-Bee

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