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Tom DeLonge has seen better times
Pic credit: Phil Konstantin

POP punk band Blink-182 has revealed it wrote and even performed several children’s TV show themes to pay for members’ crippling addictions.

Tom DeLonge, lead singer of the 1990s outfit, was in a frank mood when exclusively discussing the group’s foray into kids television with The Caught Report.

“Look, I would have laughed if you had have told me 20 years ago we’d be performing songs for childrens’ TV,” DeLonge said.

“But you have to pay the bills somehow.”

And, with DeLonge’s addiction to expensive French boot polish, the bills are pretty big.

He admits spending upwards of US$10,000 a week on his favourite brand, Mes Bottes Sentent Comme Merde.

As for the foray into children’s television, DeLonge said pushing out 45-second ditties wasn’t as hard as it sounded.

He said the band simply tweaked some of its previous hits to come up with tunes millions of children excitedly listen to every day.

He offered to exclusively take The Caught Report through three of his favourites:

Team Umizoomi

“This is what Dammit II would have sounded like if we had have sold out like Metallica.

“If you listen carefully you can hear a part where you could almost squeeze in ‘did you hear? He fucked her’.

”It’s textbook Blink-182.”

Paw Patrol

“This one took us 15 minutes to write and perform, so only slightly longer than All the Small Things.

“And I think it’s just as good”.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

“It’s probably my darkest moment, unless you count Box Car Racer.

“And they gave us a free monster machine each for performing this track. How can you say no to that?”

Blink-182’s children’s TV compilation album, All the Small Things, out now on CD, iTunes and Google Play 

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