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'I told him three times to switch the fucking channel'
‘I told him three times to switch the fucking channel’

MANDY Worthington has two healthy children and a loving husband. But one month a year she becomes a widow. And she’s not alone.

Australian Research Centre statistics show up to 500,000 women across the country lose their husbands to the Big Bash League T20 cricket season every December and January.

Mrs Worthington said she never thought her husband Reginald would place anything ahead of her and the family.

But that was before the Big Bash was broadcast practically every evening for a month.

“He gets home from work, grunts something about the kids needing to be in bed before the cricket starts and spends the rest of the night perfecting his fantasy side and talking to mates online while sinking booze,” she said.

“I once tried to start a conversation about how our youngest learnt to walk that day. All I got in return was an annoyed shoosh and a warning not to talk unless it was between innings.”

Research centre director Shane Smith said the number of Big Bash widows continued to rise.

Mr Smith said there were several concerning cases where women became real widows after their husbands pushed them to the limit.

But he said help was out there, with more than 100 support groups launching across the country this year alone.

Need help? Phone 1800 BIGWBASH or visit to find your nearest support group. 

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