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‘Baby Asha, you’re good but you’ll never be as good as Kanye’

PROTESTERS say baby Asha must be allowed to stay in Australia instead of Nepal due to her hip hop name.

Queenslander Reginald Worthington, who has slept outside Immigration Minister Peter Dutton Strathpine¬†electoral office during a two-week protest, said the infant had a huge future in Australian music, predicting she could be the country’s best export since Kylie Minogue.

Mr Worthington said baby Asha would be subject to severe persecution in Nepal, where rap and rhythm and blues music was frowned upon.

“With a name like ‘Baby Asha’ this child has the world at her feet – especially if she can rap while dancing in tight shorts and bra,” he said.

“But she would be ostracised in Nepal, where rapping superficial lyrics to a chunky beat on stage can result in punishment by stoning.”

He said Baby Asha had the potential to be the world’s female Kanye West.

“On second thoughts, sending her to a country where she will never be heard may seem like the best solution after all.”



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